Trovato Group LLC is a retained national executive search and consulting firm specializing within real estate and related industries. Our qualifications, unique approach, customized process and performance record sets us apart from competitors.
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Trovato TestimonialsTrovato's approach of partnering with our organization adds considerable value in talent acquisition.”

SVP of Human Resources
National Development Firm

Madison, WI
Phone: 608-620-6072

Tampa, FL
Phone: 813-438-3039

Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 805-413-2423

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Trovato comes from the Italian root word “TROVARE” which means “to find”. Our translation of Trovato (Group) is “finders of results”. The name of the company was selected as a direct association to our search service and Italian heritage of the two founding principles of the firm. Our Commitment to providing results for our clients actually begins with our name.



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